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Beyond the Classroom

Advanced E-learning automated features that connect the students with teachers beyond the walls of the classroom. A borderless learning platform for schools.

Educative Videos

Provides interactive engagement through educative video content covering a wide range of topics that are relevant to students

Educative Videos

Provides interactive engagement through educative video content covering a wide range of topics that are relevant to students

Computer Based Testing

Schools will be able to conduct all tests and exams via computer sets and appropriate devices while seamlessly synchronizing the results on the Edves Basic portal.

Lesson Notes

Provides an automated platform for teachers to prepare their lesson plans and send for approval with an outsourcing feature that allows for content relevancy

Assignment Management

Assignment management system with an automated tracking system, document management, reporting & efficient communication.

Test, Exams & Results Management

Your school will be able to conduct all tests and exams via the use of computer sets and seamlessly synchronize the result on EDVES BASIC portal.

Formative Assessment

This feature is designed to support subject teachers in assessing students periodically, such as on a weekly or bimonthly basis. It allows teachers to record and track students' progress and efforts over time. By utilizing this feature, teachers can gain valuable insights into students who may be falling behind and need additional support. The progress can also be shared with parents, fostering collaboration between teachers and parents to create a supportive environment for the students. Moreover, this feature leverages Artificial Intelligence to suggest interventions and provide relevant content for teachers, students, and parents, aiding in the improvement of students' mastery in their subjects.

Staff and Student Records Management

Edves allows schools to keep track of records of staff and students including academic performance details, payment records, and all student general records.

Hostel & Office Administration

The hostel management system offers a fully efficient system to effectively manage the entire residential facility in the school reducing stress & paperwork.

Event Management

Event management allows the school to manage school activities by keeping all parties informed and also track events in school for a prompt reminder.

House Point System

This feature is specifically created to assist the academic team of the school in monitoring and analyzing students' behaviors within groups of houses. It aims to identify and recognize positive traits that require encouragement or discourage negative behaviors. Each house and individual student is equipped with a barometer that measures their behavioral improvement. This feature enables the school to keep track of students' progress in terms of character development and provides insights for targeted interventions. The sample report showcases the effectiveness of this system in promoting positive behaviors among students.

Integrated SMS & Emails

Information dissemination e.g. News, Results and Bills via SMS and Email. Edves provides a fast and responsive communication gateway.

Communication Book

Provides a platform for parents to maintain real-time daily/weekly conversation with the school on the conducts and academic progress of their wards.

Feedback Form

This feature acknowledges the importance of parent feedback to the school. While schools may have been receiving feedback through various means over the years, this feature streamlines the process by providing a simple form where parents can provide feedback periodically. The form includes a 1 to 5-star rubric measure, allowing parents to provide feedback in a structured manner. By implementing this feature, the school aims to enhance communication and gather valuable insights from parents, enabling them to continuously improve their services and address any concerns effectively. The provided link allows you to access the feedback form for your school.

Secure Pickup

Under the Transportation module, this feature ensures the safety of students during pickup from school. Parents are empowered to generate and control a unique code for anyone they authorize to pick up their children, such as a family driver. This code is authenticated by the school personnel or class teacher before allowing the designated person to pick up the child. The parents receive notifications whenever the code is authenticated, providing them with real-time information on their child's safe pickup. Parents also have the flexibility to render the code obsolete if needed, further enhancing security measures.

Health Module

This feature serves as a comprehensive health record system, allowing parents to record important health information about their child. It provides an efficient way for school nurses and doctors to record symptoms and medications administered to each student, acting as a centralized case note system. The recorded information is readily available to parents through the parent portal, ensuring they are well-informed about their child's health status and any medical interventions undertaken at school. This feature enhances communication and coordination between parents and healthcare professionals within the school environment, ultimately promoting the well-being of students.

Payroll Management

The payroll system manages the computation, disbursement, and reporting of employees' salaries efficiently and accurately, automating the entire payment process.

Expense Tracker

Tracks daily expenses and reporting. From receipt scanning to reimbursement, the expense tracker automates every step of the expense reporting process

Payments Management

Manage all payments e.g. school fees, exam fees etc. You can also send reminder notifications to parents about fees due.

Inventory Management

Inventory management tracks operations, streamlines and centralizes the process for controlling the flow and maintenance of all school processes


AITEND - Attendance Marking and Tracking for Students & Staff

Parents get real time notification on their EDVES Parent App and also via SMS and Email when their kids clock in and out of school

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EDVES for Students

Edves allows student access class contents beyond the walls of the classroom, interact with their teachers, do assignment and test, and check results.


Students can access results quickly on the platform. Once the result has been published by the school students can access it anywhere, any time.

Homework & E-Testing

Homework can be accessed and done remotely on the platform. Students can do homework on the go and send it to the teacher when it is done. Students can answer tests and assessments remotely.

Class Notes & Video Lessons

Teachers can remotely send class notes to students on the platform. The note is accessible anywhere and at anytime. They also have access to educational video content covering a wide range of topics that are relevant to students.

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EDVES for Teachers

Teachers on Edves can manage result seamlessly, mark attendance, write lesson note, send assignments and classwork, communicate with parents, and lots more

Result Management

Teachers on Edves can manage results seamlessly, mark attendance, write lesson notes, send assignments and classwork, communicate with parents, and lots more


Daily attendance can be marked and attendance status communicated with parents to indicate lateness, tardiness and to ensure proper monitoring

Lesson Notes & Online assessment

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EDVES for Parents

On Edves, Parents can apply for enrollment, pay school fees and other expenses, keep track of student’s academic performance, communicate with teachers with ease and convenience.

Student Enrollment

Parents can directly fill student enrollment from the parent portal. The portal also allows parents to pay for enrollment directly through the same platform.

School Fees Payment

Student’s School fees and other expenses can be paid seamlessly with appropriate bill history through the Edves Platform reducing stress and granting fast accessibility.

Academic Report Tracking

Parents have fast access to and can track student reports anywhere and at anytime.

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Edves helps in registering pupils, adding them to class and attendance. It has been a wonderful time using Edves to work, it makes my work faster and more efficient. Edves support team is very proactive

Basirat Kazeem Orokpo

Al-Azeemah Montessori School

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