All your Learning and School Management in one dashboard!

We’re the all-in-one Learning and School Management Software. With a variety  of tools from Results portals, managing attendance, schedules for various classes, tracking homework and assignments to managing you schools admin tasks, financial transactions, ensuring that your school runs smoothly.

Trusted by 1700+ schools and institutions 

EDVES is designed to optimize your school's operations

Built with Adminstrators in mind.

Staff & Financial Management

Staff Manager | Payroll | Reports | School Bills Manager | Expenses Tracker

Resource Management

Inventory Manager | Event Calculator | Timetable | Hostel Manager

Payroll and Performance Analytics

Teachers VS Students Academic Performance Analytics. | Staff Development

Communication & Transportation

Email | SMS | School Bus Tracker

All your student's data in one place

Tools for Teachers

Academic Managment

Result Computation | Lesson Note | Online and Offline Quiz/Exam | Formative Assessment

Attendance Management

Attendance | Parent Engagement | Leave Application

Communication Recources

Communication Diary | Livechat | E Videos

Administrative Tools

Staff Development | Payslip | House Point System/Pastoral Care

Monitor your child's progress effortlessly

Parents are not left out

Student & Financial Management

Student Enrolment | School Fee Payment and Payment Tracker | House Point/Pastoral Report

Academic Tracking

Online & Offline Quiz/Exams | Academic Report Tracking | Formative Assessment Report

Communication & Events

Event Calendar | Teacher Engagement

Attendance & Saftey

Attendance Tracker | Secure Pickup Transportation

Elevate your student's learning journey

Tools for Students

Academic Performance

Result | Online & Offline Quiz/Exams | Formative Assessment Report

Learning Materials

Homework | Class Note | Video Lesson | Virtual Classroom

Engagement & Participation

Attendance | House Point/Pastoral Report

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Advanced Data Storage and Secruity

Our software guarantees advanced data security, protecting personal info for schools, students, teachers, parents, and financial data centrally. No server management costs or hacker concerns.

Collaborations between departments

With top school software, manual study material creation and management are unnecessary. Teachers focus on teaching, not admin tasks. Staff satisfaction increases with software use.

Saves Cost and Time Spent On Manual Tasks

The EDVES Software saves a lot of costs and 40% of time  involved in performing administrative tasks, paperwork, and human resources, Thereby allowing everyone to focus on more important.

Data & Analytics

Generates comprehensive Data and insights on various aspects of school performance, teacher effectiveness, and student achievements and make data driven school growth decisions.

Enhanced Communications

EDVES facilitates seamless communication between teachers, parents, and students, providing instant notifications to foster a stronger school-home connection.

Customized to your specific needs

EDVES customizes software for schools to match unique needs. Flexible features and modular design allow easy adaptation to institution workflows.

AI and Learning tools Integration

We integrate seamlessly  with various AI tools and educational resources, enriching the learning experience of both teachers and students.

Heroic Customer Support

 You get a Dedicated account manager who is always ready to provide immediate assistance and ensure an exceptional user experience

See what other African school leaders are saying


With my cell phone or a tab, I can sit at a spot and submit like ten lesson notes. Computing results during exams for last term was very easy. I don't even have to calculate scores manually.

Charles Chika

Teacher, Tripple M School

Edves has helped to speed up the input of all students data and sending of newsletters and pupils' results. Sending the results is done in bulk and parents can get it via SMS or Email. Edves is a next level technology.

Nzekwu Ifeoma

Admin Officer, Coasta Land School

Edves has made Transcript generation easy, usually under 2 mins. I can have access to the database anywhere I am in the world. With Edves, we now do virtual interviews and lectures. I run the school seamlessly.

Adetayo David

Director of Studies, Atlantic Hall

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