EDVES Tertiary (for Higher Ed)

Edves tertiary handles the dynamism of administration and academic operations of tertiary institutions to enhance teaching and learning via the scalable and robust mobile portal for academic communications.

For Prospective & Current Students

Edves provides all the required systems for prospective and current students. Here are the few functionalities available;

Prospective Student

  • Online Admission Applications and Tracking
  • Online Payments

Current Students

  • Course Registration
  • Online Payments
  • Lecturer Assessment
  • Online Assignment
  • Electronic Library
  • Educational Videos
  • Result Checking
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Lecturers and Management Staff

Lecturers and management staff can have full control of several processes in their school. Here are the functionalities available;

  • User Management, Course Management, Settings and Configuration, SMS
  • SMS Management, Payment Management
  • Electronic Library Management, Educational Videos
  • Lecturer Assessment, Online Assignment
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Explore Lo by EDVES, and Keepoint by EDVES.

Lo, and Keepoint by Edves are two outstanding learning solutions helping with making learning more reachable and accessible by anyone, anywhere.