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Can Edves mobile app be customized for a school?

Yes, the mobile app can be customized for a school.

Can Edves accept records from other school portals if we want to migrate?

Yes, we can format the records and upload them.

How secure is Edves?

The platform is secured and encrypted through: SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Our expert architecture. Hosted with Amazon one of the biggest and most trusted hosting companies.

What if there is a system crash in our school, what happens to the school data?

Your data is not stored on your system but in the cloud. So, if your system crashes it does not affect the data stored on EDVES.

Can EDVES be of help during the School fees drive?

Yes, payment reminders can be sent to defaulters, this will quote the student’s name, the amount the parent owes the school, and a link to pay online.

Will payments made at the bank reflect on the portal?

Yes, parents can make payment to the bank, get a payment receipt and the transaction will automatically reflect on the portal.

Can parents pay school fees using the portal?

Yes, parents can pay through a link custom built for each school.

Does the portal generate graphs and other analytics?

Yes, the portal generates several analytical reports.

How flexible is the software?

Edves Basic is so flexible that certain reports and certain features can be customized to meet the needs and peculiarities of the school.

Can the portal work as a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Yes, the portal has educational videos, online assignments, and grading

When sending results to parents do they get results for the whole class or get for their child/children?

Parents would only gain access to their child/children’s results.

Is EDVES software installed on the computer?

No, EDVES is a cloud-based software so it can be accessed from anywhere at any time and with any device that has internet accessibility.

Does the portal accept excel upload?

Yes, excel can be used to compute student’s results in bulk, register multiple students, and for some other data input.

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