Importance of Digital Learning: Why Use Edves Suite

Digital learning evens the playing field for both public and private schools, as access to information and learning materials become open.

The importance of digital learning over traditional educational methods became painfully clear this year. Before now, however, technology already ruled over every aspect of our daily lives. From communication to planning and execution.

Unfortunately, digital learning for kids and teenagers have not advanced as fast as most other aspects of technology. Schools, teachers and parents still favor the traditional method of learning over online schooling especially with primary and secondary school students. 

In Africa, the COVID-19 pandemic played an essential role in advancing the digital learning process from traditional educational methods. While this has not been an easy shift, it has been a necessary one and schools who haven’t adjusted to this shift are very likely to fall behind. The advantages of digital learning transcend just maintaining social distancing protocols and preventing the spread of the coronavirus. 

There are so many more reasons to embrace digital learning, these include;

Access to an abundance of information

Digital learning evens the playing field for both public and private schools, as access to information and learning materials become open. As compared to traditional learning processes where students can only access the information provided by the school or teachers, digital learning provides more opportunity for research and access to a wide range of comparable information to ensure learning is all-inclusive. For instance, Google receives over 3.8 million searches per minute. That’s a lot of people looking for answers and the beautiful part of this is, the answers are usually free for anyone with internet access.

A personalized and more engaging learning experience

Digital learning provides an opportunity for each teacher to design a course curriculum based on individual student capacity and learning pace. This means that the learning process is not created based on what or how much they can learn over a given period but on how well they assimilate knowledge and the ability to understand and process that knowledge. Even better, it creates a direct personal line of communication between the student and the teacher. One that helps the student communicate any learning difficulties personally and effectively and gives the opportunity for both the teacher and the student to work on them together.

A growth opportunity for teachers

Teachers have wide access to comparable teaching techniques, information and insight, not just from the web, but from other teachers and schools. Information is fast-moving and constantly changing and digital learning helps ensure that teachers are up to date and moving with the times. They can access a more recent or updated knowledge base and provide students with a clear comparison while teaching. This also ensures that teachers are keeping up with modern insights and do not become redundant as the years go by and the world advances.

Increased accountability in students

Another very important aspect of the digital learning process is transparency and direct feedback. With real-time performance reviews and machine-generated assessment results, students can see exactly where they’re lacking in a particular subject area and work on improving their knowledge base. This also increases their ability to research and filter through a ton of information to come up with the most useful one. 

Instant and improved data sharing and collaboration

Collaboration and knowledge sharing has never been easier than now. With tools like Edves Suite, working on a project together with classmates and curriculum assessment among teachers has never been easier. You can work effectively on a project as a group while being miles apart from each other with just a few finger taps. 

Digital learning is happening whether we like it or not and the faster we get on the train the better it is for our schooling process. So book a demo with Edves Suite today and see how we can make your digital schooling process easier.

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