How to keep your child learning in a pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic brought an unprecedented disruption in activities and work balance and continues to produce a shift in the way things are done and ushering us in...

The Covid-19 pandemic brought an unprecedented disruption in activities and work balance. The resultant effect continues to produce a shift in the way things are done and ushering us into a whole new digital vista. Since a lot of social gatherings are closed alternative model has to be sought making online schooling almost inevitable

Since the lockdown started millions of students worldwide have been affected by the school closure. The academic study suggests education interruptions could have short and long consequences. The Impacts vary depending on a number of factors including the age of students, time of year that campuses/school closes, and children’s Social-economic background.

In the long time view a sustained long period of school closure could be a threat in the student’s academic journey, it becomes important to find means to argument it

Below are highlighted tips on the measure that could be taken to keep children’s education on track while they are home

Practice Effective Communications :

Effective communication is a tool that brings people together, foster bond, and bridge information gap bridge. We are in a changing time and the peculiarity of the time needs to be explained to children. The reason why the schools are shut, the importance of physical distancing in flattening the pandemic spread, why it is important to wash hands, and lots more. This would help kids mentally prepare for what lies ahead

Create a conducive learning space :

How does your child have to learn? How can you stay away from distractions?  These are important questions that need to be answered in creating a conducive learning space for students to learn. It is important to cluster the study room or area so kids can focus on their learning. Also using a unified learning management system would help in managing the learning activity well.

Take online safety precautions :

One of the biggest fear for a lot of parents with their kids going online is the several threats they are exposed to. Let your child understand how the internet works and its versatility. Teach them how to keep personal information private. How to stay safe on social networking sites. Talk to them about healthy internet usage and encourage them to talk to you when they encounter difficulty. Take the class in bits and practice enough exercise :

There is a tendency to want to rush over the lesson and get the child to know as many things as possible. Taking the class in bit helps the child learn at a good level that helps their assimilations and retention. Exercise is very effective to help the child thinks better and to improve the child’s problem-solving skills. It is also a natural way to reduce stress and anxiety.

Don’t break communications with the child’s school and Teacher :

To give the child the best support you have to keep the interactions going with their teacher. Since their Teacher has a significant level of knowledge of the child’s academic progress they can provide the needed support and learning track for the student. Edtech platform like Edves creates a good communication bridge between the students and the school for interactive learning beyond the walls of the classroom. The teacher with the parent supervision can conduct lessons, send supporting files such as videos ad Images and also conduct assessments and exams.

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