We are partnering with 9Mobile to create Education Data Bundle

January 14, 2021

In recent times, due to the impact of the pandemic on various industries, the use of virtual/online systems to carry out activities has risen.

The educational sector is among the few sectors embracing technologies to continue operations and learning activities. Every academic community has now experienced a rising need for system automation and, most importantly, the need to engage students and parents online to deliver lessons, track learning outcomes, and share evidence of learning.

At Edves Limited, we have considered the need for data usage and reduction by optimizing our online offerings for speed and low connectivity usage, and also we have explored a special Data Bundle partnership with 9Mobile Nigeria.

The partnership was envisioned to provide an NCC approved Edves Data Bundle at an unbelievably reduced cost. We are pleased to announce to you the partnership with 9Mobile is now a successful one, and every School in Nigeria will buy an affordable Education Data Bundle to use Edves.

Our approach is to foster a long relationship with Education communities across Nigeria and beyond, and we have gone to secure this partnership based on feedback from Parents, Teachers, and Students, so when you speak, we listen, and we understand accessibility is important for our clients. This is why we’ve collaborated with 9mobile to offer you this affordable data package so you can save cost when you use Edves This data can only be used on Edves. 

The Teachers and School administrators can use the data for regular operation on the platform including; Marking attendance, loading student score, computing result, sending e-notes and videos to students, lesson note, give student assignment, and lots more 

Students can use the data to watch educational videos on the platform, submit assignments, take quizzes, check result, and lots more on the portal 

Parents also can use the data on the platform to pay school fees and other expenses, check result, communicate with the school, and lots more all on the portal 

Please note the data is only available on 9mobile. If you are not a 9mobile customer, buy a 9Mobile Sim or Port your line today to enjoy the offer.

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