The Importance of School Management System

January 7, 2020

With the constant calls to digitalize almost every aspect of living and everyday interaction, the call to digitalize school systems and education is amongst the loudest. Learning and teaching, as well as other activities carried out in a school, are all very important and the margin for error so slim that efficiency is key.

In this article, we will give you 7 reasons why you need a school management system for your school.

1. Attendance
Many times, students' attendance can become an issue as tracking and recording information for a large number of people can be very tedious. A school management system will track, record and store student data making sure each student is present and accounted for. It even comes with a system that notifies parents when their ward is absent. Handy right?

2. Easy Assignment and examination processing
Notes, videos and other learning material are uploaded into the system, for easy access by both student and teachers. Now students can do the same with assignment, projects and note, uploading them with ease for both grading and recording.

The same is said for examinations with a customizable user interface that allows schools to choose preferred exam types, upload reference material, grade, record and post results in their more preferred style and with general ease.

3. Easy and efficient fee payment gateway
A school management system allows you to track student payment, make payments and access payment records and history with ease and flexibility. We take it a step further by providing email and SMS notification for paid and outstanding fees, notifications for fee payment when due and e-invoices for efficient record keeping.

4. Communication Ease
With a school management system, relaying information concerning school activities, a discussion between teachers, parents and ward has become an easy task achievable at the click of a button.

This software can send emails and texts to a large number of parents at once bridging the communication gap.

5. Child Security
Ever wondered what your children are up to while at school and if they were safe? Now with a school management system, you can track school buses, monitor attendance and speak to teachers all with ease and at your convenience.

6. Student Enrolment just became easier
Parents who want to enroll their children in a school with a proper school management system only have to open the app or website, log in and get started. This takes away the hassle and the stress from the enrollment process, encouraging parents to do more for their children.

7. Easy School Administration
Principals and other administrative staff are not left out as payrolls, staff check-in, inventory and others are all automated and require minimal effort.

Keep track of employee activities with an extensive database and a simple to use Ul (user interface) while keeping them happy and accountable. All these are features the Edves school management system offers with a few extra “tidbits” that set it at the top of the heap.

Book a demo today and watch your school run itself.

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