Technology in the hands of Teachers; A New Perspective

'’Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational’’.

A quote that is most relevant here is one by George Couros; an international educator and author of bestseller; ‘’The Innovator’s mindset’’… It says, ‘’Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational’’.

A teacher’s role is generally multi-faceted. Like a Mother hen, they are expected to multi-task and perform multiple functions cutting across educating the students, engaging them, preparing their learning materials, conducting and compiling test results, even ensuring that every child on their watch is in a good place emotionally as it can affect the child’s concentration in class.

Add to that list the varying needs, personality, learning abilities, and grasping capabilities of every individually unique child. Even their own parents sometimes struggle to understand or decipher their personalities.

Imagine, therefore, a tool in the hands of every teacher and educator that can simplify the daily and ever-increasing workload complexities of physical classroom lessons, provide generous data on each student’s performance, and basically structure every classroom activity. There will be more than enough time to customize and personalize instructional material for each student, tailor-made to suit their specific need.

EDVES suite, a learning and school management software innovation developed by fast-rising Edtech Company in Nigeria; Edves Ltd., helps take all administrative burdens off the teachers so they can focus on imparting knowledge.

In other words, Edves directly applies Pareto’s 80/20 RULE, thus giving the educators room to focus on the most important and highly leveraged activity of imparting the students with the required knowledge while handling every other administrative and management system for them.

Edves does practically everything; From putting together lesson plans, to result in loading and compilation, attendance marking by simply scanning a barcode, E-learning & teaching, Interactive virtual & video lessons, Online Computer-based testing systems, Continuous communication with students even when offsite, access to data on each student’s performance. The possibilities are simply endless with this SUPER AMAZING ALL-IN-ONE tool.

And With over 20000 educators and over 950 schools currently signed on and using the Edves suite portal in 5 countries across Africa for learning integration and support, it is only a matter of time before the entire Continent gets hooked on.

Consequently, when the classroom environment becomes structured in such a manner that it is continuously adjusting and adaptable based on individual needs, the exact dosage of support, instruction, and knowledge are what the students are bound to get at the end of the day.

This also helps close learning gaps among students within the same class as the teacher can easily sight loopholes, be more actively involved in daily learning experiences, and hence adjust teaching styles appropriately.

Teachers should therefore see technology as a dependable companion, and not a competitor or another anti-human invention created to replace them on the job, because ‘’When technology integration is at its best, the teacher or the child doesn’t stop to think that he or she is using a tech tool- it’s second nature.

In closing, another quote by Craig R. Barrett comes to mind which says; ‘’With the help of technology, teachers will be leaders in the transformation of education around the world’’, and of course, it goes without saying that with a tool like Edves suite, this educational transformation has most definitely come to stay.

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