Seamless communication between Parents and Teachers

February 23, 2022

On Edves,the communication module is meant for establishing a Parent to Teacher communication channel.

On this module,Teachers can send daily reports on the academic and behavioral performances of the students to their parents.

This report can be as detailed as shown below:

The mood of the child for the whole day.

How well the child played, and how well the child assimilated what was taught during the day.

The quantity of the food eaten. 

The assignment/ homework given, and so on.

To Use ‘Communication Book’, follow the process below:

• Go to “Messages”

• Click on “Communication”

• Click on “Send message”

• Select Class, term and Session

• Select Student admission numbers

• Select “Type of report”

• Click on “Search and proceed”

• Input your report for all students

• Click on “Send report”

How To view daily report sent out to parents as a teacher

  •       Go to “Messages”
  •       Click on “Communication”
  •       Click on “Sent message”

How Parents can see all communications for their wards         

  • Log on to Parent portal
  • Click on “Communication Book” at the top of the page
  • Scroll down to view the latest notification
  • Click on “Open Message”

That’s how to use the ‘’Communication Book’’ Feature on the Edves portal… Easy, Breezy…

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