Responsible Parenting Means Staying Ahead Of Your Child's Education. Try Edves

January 12, 2021

Schooling online is a bit of new development. Extending the school environment means students are on the internet doing research, home works, assignment, reading and learning. Often times, they are exposed to a number of none user friendly and unfiltered information that does more harm than good.

Responsible parenting means protecting your child from offensive content and molding them into responsible adults. With the Edves, you can protect your child from harmful information, with tailored content uploaded by the school and a data plan that is tailor-made to work only on the Edves app and website.

Also, teachers can monitor the progress of children committed to their care. This care means teachers have to be able to reach parents instantaneously with ease concerning their wards. Click a button or two and you will have sent an instant mail or SMS to the parent of choice. Also, you can relay information concerning student results, payment due, payment records and so much more.

With Edves, parents know exactly where their children are at all times and can monitor them. School excursions don't have to send you into a panic as a parent as the Edves location tracking lets you monitor your child's movement.

Responsible parenting also means being in the know at all times. You can monitor your child's academic progress and get their results, assessments, curriculum and challenges. Even making payments to the school becomes a one-tap activity that you can carry out at any time, from anywhere. This way, you're one step ahead of your child's educational needs even when you're busy.

Traditional education has done its absolute best and remains top-notch. But with each passing decade, digital learning is breaking ground and making waves. With the aid of Edves, the next century just became brighter and your child's school will have the added advantage it needs to compete.

Is your child's school using Edves? Talk to them about this today.

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