Press Release: Edves Facilitates Historic Education Transformation in Enugu State using Artificial Intelligence

In a momentous collaboration with the Enugu State Ministry of Education, Edves, a leading educationaltechnology solutions provider, proudly announces its pivotal role in the successful implementation of agroundbreaking Digital Infrastructure for Enugu State Education. This transformative partnershipencompasses multiple initiatives aimed at revolutionizing the educational landscape and ensuring thatquality education reaches every corner of the state.

The flagship initiative, the Smart & Green Schools Initiative, stands out as a testament to thiscollaborative effort. Edves has played a key role in integrating experiential curriculum and pedagogyframeworks, utilizing PEARL and CASE models. This strategic move is complemented by an innovativeArtificial Intelligence Model designed to revamp the national curriculum and assessments, enhancingthe overall learning experience for students.

Governor Bar. Dr Peter Ndubuisi Mbah and Commissioner, Prof. Ndubueze Leonard Mbah are laudedfor their visionary leadership in this endeavour, which has resulted in noteworthy achievements. A totalof 260 Smart and Green Schools are being constructed, strategically located in every ward across thestate. This ambitious move aims to address UNESCO's independent crises in education by providingtablets to every teacher and student, thereby narrowing the digital divide and improving access to qualityeducation.

The significance of this collaboration is further underscored by a historic allocation of over 30% of thestate budget to Education. This audacious move directly addresses critical challenges such as theFunding Gap, Digital Divide, and Learning Crisis. The leadership of the education ministry iscommended for its meticulous attention to detail, robust processes, and iterative approach to ensure thesuccessful realization of this modern-day vision for Enugu.

Edves remains committed to its mission of catalyzing the educational landscape with innovative toolsthat empower students, schools, educators, and stakeholders. Through this collaboration, Edvescontributes significantly to the advancement of education in Enugu State, marking a historic milestonein the journey towards a brighter future for the region.

About Edves

Edves is a distinguished Edtech company in Nigeria, dedicated to introducing cutting-edge educational solutions that positively impact schools and learners. With a focus on leveraging technology to enhanceeducation, Edves strives to contribute to the transformation of educational landscapes across Africa.

Edves is actively tackling the learning crisis in Africa by employing cutting-edge Data Science and AItechnologies to digitize various aspects of the education system, including learning processes,administrative tasks, and learner performance reporting across both public and private K-12 schools.This comprehensive SaaS solution not only supports diverse country curricula but also identifiesstudents at risk of falling behind, offering personalized interventions to ensure every learner achievesmeasurable evidence of progress in each class session. By providing valuable data insights, Edvesempowers government bodies, educators, and parents to collaboratively enhance learning outcomes andaddress the challenges posed by the learning crisis in the region.

About the Enugu State Ministry of Education

The Enugu State Ministry of Education is a cornerstone institution committed to advancing theeducational landscape in the state. We are driven by the overarching goal of delivering high-qualityeducation to students, irrespective of whether they are enrolled in public or private schools.Encompassing a broad mandate, the ministry vigilantly oversees both public and private educationalinstitutions, ensuring strict adherence to government regulations. This commitment to regulatoryoversight is particularly significant as it underlines the government's dedication to maintaining astandardized and credible educational system in Enugu State.

Focusing on the enhancement of educational quality, the ministry actively engages in multifacetedinitiatives. The augmentation of funding stands as a pivotal aspect of its strategy, recognizing thatfinancial empowerment is integral to the effective functioning of educational institutions. Moreover, theministry is deeply invested in initiatives geared towards improving infrastructure and providingcomprehensive teacher training, both critical components in fostering an environment conducive tooptimal teaching and learning experiences.

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