Online Safety Tips for Kids

June 18, 2021

The Internet can be a wonderful place to learn, play games, and chat with friends. Unfortunately, there are also predators, identity thieves, and others online who may try to harm you. To be safe online, you and your kids need to be aware of the dangers.

First off let’s talk about why online safety is important for kids. It is important to safeguard them from dangers such as obscenity, malware, scams, phishing, identify theft, cyberbullying, etc. In this digital age, kids’ online safety has become a challenge.

To keep your kids safe, you'll need to know about the different types of online dangers that exist. Some of these dangers include; 


Obscenity is any act that strongly offends the prevalent morality of the time. Kids need to be protected from seeing them as it will negatively influence them. To avoid this, kids can use safe search engines and streaming platforms designed for kids only. 


Malware is any software intentionally designed to cause damage to a computer, server, client, or computer network. Kids can click on a link which can lead to downloading software and email attachments containing viruses or other malware.  

There are a lot of safe software that can be downloaded to safeguard against these attacks.  


Phishing is a type of social engineering attack often used to steal user data, including login credentials and credit card numbers. It occurs when an attacker, masquerading as a trusted entity, dupes a victim into opening an email, instant message, or text message.

How to ensure online safety tips for kids 

  1. Do Not Allow Kids to Browse the Internet alone
  2. Teach Kids About Protecting Their Privacy
  3. Instruct Your Child Never to Click on Pop-ups or Subscribe to E-Newsletters
  4. Use a Strong Password
  5. Use Reliable Security Software
  6. Monitor your kid’s activity online 

This isn’t just about keeping kids safe from harm. It’s teaching them about themselves as a person and other people as well. On the one hand, you’re teaching them to protect themselves. On the other, you’re teaching them that certain behavior is not okay for anyone. 

This will help prevent them from performing those same actions themselves, as well as to help keep them from becoming victims of it.

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