Navigating a New Path: Lessons from Edves Catalyst 2021

Edves Catalyst 2021 “A New Path” brought the direction that was much needed since the global lockdown era that badly affected several industries including Education.

Edves Catalyst is one of the most anticipated Educators Program. Among other reasons, A lot of people look forward to the event because of its pedigree and history of providing the right forum to champion futurist conversations around Education for School Leaders, School Administrators, Teachers & Parents. 

Edves Catalyst 2021 “A New Path” brought the direction that was much needed since the global lockdown era that badly affected several industries including Education. The event seeks to explore pathways that will propel educational institutions across Sub-Sharan Africa. 

The two-day event featured experts and thought leaders across diverse & rich backgrounds. 

Taking the Keynote Speech on the first day of the event, Praise Fowowe - A principal consultant and Author said “The State of response during Covid is a reflection of the state of mind of the leadership and the policymakers in the educational sectors of various countries”

He further iterated on the importance of building new learning capacities that would be hinged on factors like; Collaborations, Edutainment, Adaptive learning among several others. 

The first day of the event ended after a resounding breakout section tailored for Early learners, Parents, Teachers & School Administrators delivered by Trisha Callela, Ayopeju Njideaka, Adeyemo Peter & Kolade Orilowo respectively. 

Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe delivering the keynote speech on the second day and speaking on the topic “Discovering a New Path in the business of Education” gave voice to the fact that educational institutions must be equipped with the right capabilities that would enable learners to solve practical problem challenging our society. 

He added that no nation rises above its capacity to create knowledge. When the Educational system is in good shape problems will be solved. 

In a Panel Discussion themed “Repositioning Education using Technology” involving the Lagos State Commissioner of Science & Technology, Hon. Hakeem Fahm & GM Business enterprise development MTN Nigeria Plc, Mrs. Omotayo Ojutalayo. and moderated by Edves co-founders Dimeji Falana & Adebayo Dare. 

The Commissioner reinforced the State Government's commitment to lifting the standards of Education in the State through diverse government initiatives that are already been put to work to close the digital divides of the state populace. Omotayo gave an illustrious presentation on how MTN has been committed to seeing businesses thrive and the company’s plans, especially for small & medium businesses. 

Rotimi Eyityo an astute speaker and a certified growth Manager, who spoke on “The Bottlenecks in School Operations” explained The making of a visionary school - A School where the School Leaders have successfully raised leaders like themselves in the team and combining it with principles and structural development tactics that he shared. 

In a Panel discussion on “Why we don’t understand Gen Z” by Mrs. Ayopeju Njideaka, Mrs. RonkePosh Adeniyi & Mrs. Carole Emeka-Sunday. Mrs. RonkePosh Adeniyi first advocated for the inclusivity of the Gen Z generation and what it means in the context of our society. She added that we as a people are only able to tackle our challenges when we approach them from the root. The panelist agreed that understanding the current climes and dispensation will help both parents and educators relate later with the students.

Prof Ike-Elechi Ogba a renowned speaker shared on the topic “The New World Economic System we can’t ignore” and in his presentation he highlighted that our problems are saddled on the fact that we do a lot of talking but little actions and that's why we haven’t seen things change as we all want. Breaking the whole audience into small groups he challenged the whole audience into finding a new path towards the acquisition of knowledge away from the old contemporary way it has always been.  

There was also a very remarkable neurological lecture delivered by Bill Flynn on Adapting to the New Path. He broke down the methodology and the science behind how humans adapt to new things. A.A. Akinyemiju, Mrs. Lai Koiki, Rtn Mutheu Kasanga from Uganda, in a panel session shared some of the remarkable lessons from the Covid-19 experience including the problems and the practical solution to this new path that we seek.

The New Path is clear, we need to put in place fortified systems, structures, and capable leadership techniques to appropriately walk into what the future holds for the educational community especially in sub-Saharan Africa. Till the Next Edves Catalyst, we are on charting this new path. 

To watch the replay of the sessions click here

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