Leading in a Tough Economy: EDVES Catalyst 2020

July 16, 2020

At this year’s Edves Catalyst themed Reinvent. Prof Ndubusi Ekewe, The chairman Fasmicro Group & thought-leader Harvard business review gave an inspirational keynote speech during the event on finding the right balance in the ecosystem that can thrive and sustain the Nation.

We thought to share some excerpts with you from his remarkable speech.

The country has been besieged by a lot of anomalies like security threats, oil market fluctuations, the rise and fall in Naira, and the recent pandemic case making it extremely difficult to upscale the economy, however, companies exist to solve problems same as Education. It must be up-scaled to create a sustainable platform and process for learning and developments. The process of leading is in building capabilities to solve problems that exist in the marketplace.

“The world is made up of Numbers”


We can have better Insights if we understand numbers. It also depicts the large demand for data. Leading must move beyond just meeting expectations to creating the ultimate perception for customers. Insights births those perceptions. Perceptions take customers into a new dimension that delivers huge values in how frictions are fixed. Educational sector is the key to unlock the talent base of the country and so it is important to prioritise its development.

The crucial question to ask would be “How are we going to build the next school of the future? How do we prepare students for future change and deliver progressive educational structure?” Investing in new educational tools become the capabilities needed to drive the education.

How then do unlock values using Educations:

  • Thinking outside the box
  • Taking a New dimension on restructuring educational model

We have to understand that the world is changing and the way education takes place is shifting also. Companies like Edves make it possible to improve the efficiency of using technology to improve the sector.

As we train students to be prepared for the opportunities ahead of them we become positioned to change the ordinance of things in our economy. Leading in a tough economy requires building a solid resilient and capabilities so that we can deliver the best possible value.

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