How Edves takes School Records Management to the Next Level

Why Edves? Edves is a next-generation school management system built with an easy-to-use user interface and cuts across different levels of education.

Like any organization, schools require a number of day-to-day decision making, records of decisions and a monitor to track progress on protects, inventory and a number of other things. Administrators who embrace efficiency and accountability strive for painstaking and well detailed records to be kept as it make yearly or quarterly audits and evaluation easy and effective

A system that takes all these tasks and managers them efficiently while removing the need for paper work entirely and creating an easy to access system for data retrieval will set the school administrator a few steps ahead for both competitors and peers alike.

Why Edves?
Edves is a next generation school management system built with easy-to-use user interface, and cuts across different levels of education.

With its years of experience in customer service, Edves provides a customizable plan to suit every school need specifically.

Its unique database, easily accessible and well detailed, provides a support for staff that allows them function effectively. Records of everything from individual child performance reports to daily attendance to payment reports and even teacher notes, tests, assignments and exams are stored allowing administrators to monitor productivity and make decisions.

Parents benefit from the Edves software, as student records are accessible at the click of a button. Payment of fees, enrollment of wards and even e-invoicing and instant notification are added benefits which Edves brings to the table.

These records allow parents work hand in hand with teachers to improve the quality of education each student acquires

.Other advantages include:
- Records of teaching and support staff for security and welfare purposes.
- Automatic records
- Improved organization systems with customizable features.
- Easy access to individual student, class and school level records.
- Easy to use batch systems for storing generalized information.

These features not only shift focus from record keeping but allows for better education quality as teachers and administrators have more time to plan and execute decisions that will promote learning.

This easy to use system is the core of what Edves symbolizes, book a demo today and learn more about how we work and what you stand to gain.

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