How Edves is Solving Payment Challenges for Schools in Sub-Sharan Africa  

January 20, 2021

How Edves is Solving Payment Challenges for Schools in Sub-Sharan Africa  

An essential part of managing a school is School Payment Management. How to receive payments as at when due and properly reconciling them with appropriate receipts with a properly secured digital record

Perhaps the most challenging part of this operation is how to create conveniences for parents in allowing them to pay for any expenses without visiting the school building and connecting the payment appropriately to their child’s records.

Edves has created a simple, easy-to-use web-based solution that allows parents to pay instantly from anywhere for all child’s expenses through a click.  Instant receipts are made available afterward. 

The importance of this feature is that it provides comfort to parents allowing them to settle all their child’s bill from anywhere in the world through a personalized paylink while also helping the school to track defaulters, process payment receipts, issue receipts to parents, provide proper payment records all electronically.

Schools using Edves Paylink can conveniently request payment through a link, automate all payment processes in school, provide accurate and updated payment records of all students, track defaulters and send payment notifications to them 

Edves is digitizing school learning and management processes for over 600 Schools eradicating all forms of paperwork, Increase productivity, and allowing boardless learning beyond the walls of the school.


You can migrate to Edves in a very seamless process to get a customized platform that serves you smarter and better. 

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