Fee Collection and Management With Edves

Edves uses an integrated payment gateway for safe and secure payments and an instant message system for e-invoicing.

Children come to school to receive education but like every service rendered in the business sphere, you need to pay for quality. From school fees to levies, payment for books and other school projects.

Fees collection is one of the most strenuous activities school administrators have to engage in. The payment process, update of records, invoicing and records management for students across various levels, classes and forms.

Creating these records can not only be tedious for humans but extend the margin for error to a great degree. This error margin increases with the number of students.

An Alternative?

Try Edves: a school management system that has revolutionized fees collection. Edves uses an integrated payment gateway for safe and secure payments and an instant message system for e-invoicing that instantly sends a copy of the payment receipt to the parent or guardian. The software automatically records and tracks each payment making it easy for the school to keep records. The system also sends notifications for due payments to parents making it easy for them as well.

Advantages of using Edves?

1. Easy to Use
Edves is a simplified platform that is customized according to each School's curriculum and pedagogy. The platform is easy to navigate and to use.

2. Seamless Calculation
Imagine using a calculator to add up a number of payments for a 100 students. Tedious right? Also tiresome and sometimes full of errors. Using Edves, the process is faster, more efficient and hitch-free as every detail is calculated and recorded automatically.

3. Quick and Time Effective
In planning a budget, collated fees need to be quickly and easily calculated. The Edves system does this for you, collating payment data from every department and organizing it easily and effectively.

4. Parent friendly
The Edves suites send parents a mail or SMS as a reminder for due payment. A seemingly small service, except if you are a parent making a budget with a thousand important things to factor. The reminder ensures you don’t have to settle for last minute scrambles to meet up.

5. Automatically generated invoice and bills
One payment is made, an automatic invoice or receipt is generated for both the school and the parent. Ensuring all records are properly maintained and all parties are notified in due time.

6. Convenient Payment
Payment can be made from any device at any time and in any place. Payments are also collated as a total and sent to parents. This level of comfort makes it easy for parents to make payments without the hassle of multiple transfers or bank queues.

7. Safe and secure
The Edves system is secured by a series of customized security modules that ensure the financial security of both the parents and the school.

8. Tailor made and adjustable
Different institutions have different needs at different levels and these needs need to be considered before settling on a school management system. Edves tailors the software to your specific needs as an educational institution.

With a school system software like Edves, you can channel your effort into more teaching and leave the technical aspects to us.

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