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January 8, 2021

Being a parent is not easy. From inception, children are a handful and as they grow so do their needs and demands. One of the many challenges include keeping them engaged and out of trouble.

As children grow, their appetite increases exponentially and not just for food but for adventure, entertainment and knowledge. At this stage, parents often are stuck between explaining answers, marveling at their inquisitive nature and sheer frustration. So they dress these bundles of joyful questions and curiosity in uniforms and ship them off to school and the waiting arms of their teachers.

Introducing Edves, an online and offline school system that is customizable to suit a number of needs. It has an app that works on a number of platforms, engaging students even while at home.

Learning never has to stop no matter the age, class or time.
On Edves teachers can personalize lectures, share curriculum content and videos, do tests, grade assignments and even remotely conduct exams on and offline.

Also, in partnership with Etisalat, you can now purchase an Edves data bundle of 2GB for just NGN300.

This gives your child internet access to the Edves application and all the information and that comes with it.

The best part is, this data bundle is customized to use only on the Edves site, so you can rest assured that your child is not wasting their time or viewing the wrong websites. For schools, Edves school management system offers mouth watering opportunities.

Teachers can plan and upload learning content to the site, engage with students and schedule assessments and examinations, all over the internet. With its easy user interface and stellar customer service, Edves stands out among competition

Idle minds are mischievous minds, so keep those minds engaged, encourage your child's school to use Edves or enroll in a school with the Edves suite and keep them occupied nonstop in the best way.

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