Edves reaches The '1000th School signup' on its platform

In December 2021, Edves achieved a market-rare milestone of signing up its 1000th school spread across 6 different African countries.

Incorporated in 2016 with a modest beginning of 60 schools, EDVES rapidly expanded to over 150 schools within the same year. Since then, Edves has emerged as a key player in educational technology solutions for K-12 schools across Africa, earning recognition for its high-level adoption and usage in the EdTech and digital infrastructure sphere.

The Edves learning and management system, developed through extensive research and years of market interaction, has evolved into a highly sought-after tool. This consumer-focused platform addresses the diverse needs of parents, teachers, educators, school owners, administrators, and students.

A significant achievement came in December 2021 when EDVES celebrated signing up its 1000th school, spanning five different African countries (Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe), with Ethiopia being the latest addition. While this milestone is just a beginning considering the 75,000 K-12 schools in Nigeria alone, Edves' technological strength and ability to swiftly deploy solutions position the Edves Suite as an EdTech leader with real impact.

The quality of schools onboarded speaks volumes about the effectiveness of the Edves Suite, with institutions like Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls, Atlantic Hall, Temple Schools, IQRA Education Centre (Ghana), LePosh School, MD School, Dansol Schools, Grace School, Kids Court School, The Foreshore School, and The Concord School among them.

School administrators and educators commend EDVES for its unique features. Niyata Krishnan, Headteacher at Vivian Fowler College, praises the customizable portal design for aligning with the school's vision. Others, like Mrs. Shirley Okharedia, Founder/Executive Director of Temple Schools, appreciate how EDVES centralizes information across multiple locations.

What sets EDVES apart are features that address challenges faced by schools in coordinating databases and centralizing information. In five years, EDVES has onboarded 1000 schools, serving 258k students, 118k parents, and 37k teachers. In 2021 alone, the platform facilitated 2.61 million school-to-parent email engagements, 450,000 SMS engagements, and processed N3.3 billion in school fees payments.

Academic data from 2021 further showcases the impact of EDVES, with 7.2 million student class attendance records, 3.2 million quiz attempts, 11,000 class quizzes, 20,488 shared lesson notes, and over 180,000 views on video lessons shortly after their release.

These statistics underscore the practical functionality and effectiveness of the EDVES SUITE, illustrating its pivotal role in digitizing students' learning journeys and administrative processes in the education sector.

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