Edves Hosts Kogi State’s Special Adviser to the governor on Economy, Finance and Investment.

For education to thrive in Africa, We have always believed a multifaceted approach must be adopted, and technology plays a crucial role in achieving this goal. Since 2016, We’ve been committed to solving the many challenges facing the education sector, this commitment has helped us in building solutions that is now widely used in over 1600 schools in Africa.

As part of Kogi State robust 10-year plan to boost the states human capacity development, the state government intends to partner with EDVES to deploy our School and Learning Management software in its schools. This Partnership was disclosed during a courtesy visit by the Special Adviser to the Kogi State Governor on economy, finance and investment, Hon. Abdulkareem Siyaka. 

Special Adviser to the Kogi State Governor on economy, finance and investment, Hon. Abdulkareem Siyaka with the Edves Management Team

In a gesture of unity and to witness firsthand the impact of technology in education, Hon. Abdulkareem Siyaka and the Edves Top Management Team paid a courtesy visit to three renowned educational institutions in Lagos using the Edves School and Learning Management software. These schools, Dansol High School, Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls and Divine Offspring primary school all located within Ikeja were schools that highlighted how EdTech solutions can transform traditional classrooms into hubs of interactive and dynamic learning.

Hon. Abdulkareem Siyaka with Dansol School

During the guided tour, Hon. Abdulkareem Siyaka, who is known for his passion for educational reform, expressed his belief in technology as key to bridging educational gaps and providing quality education to all Nigerian children. He emphasized the need for schools in Kogi State and across the nation to adopt modern technological solutions like those offered by Edves to enhance learning outcomes and administrative efficiency.

Hon. Abdulkareem Siyaka with Vivian Fowler Memorial School for Girls

In his words, “Kogi state currently offers free education from basic to secondary school level in Kogi state. We do not plan to stop at that, how do we sustain it? Who are those that will partner with us to make it work? What technology will drive it? That is why we are engaging Edves.
“With about 75% of our population consisting of young people primarily engaged in basic, secondary, and tertiary education, we recognize that the quality of education they get would influence our state’s future.
“We have over 2000 public schools in Kogi state, and about 45% of them are unity schools. We have over 800,000 youths who require skills to become more useful in the workplace, and we want to invest in training facilitators, curriculum development, staff hiring, and internet connection, and all of these involve cost.
This is why we are actively seeking strategic partnerships and resource providers, with a strong focus on sustainability to drive long-term productivity within the framework of our 10-year plan.
"By the end of next year, we plan to have a tertiary vocational institute, where candidates will be trained in bricklaying, trading, plumbing, painting, and other entrepreneurial skills. There are three senatorial districts in Kogi state, and we plan to have one institute in each of the districts,” he stated.
Hon. Abdulkareem Siyaka with Divine Offspring School

Dare Adebayo,  co-founder and COO, Edves, speaking to the media after the visit  shared the vision of Edves and impact we have made so far, including the reasons for the partnership with states in Nigeria, with Kogi state being the first, towards boosting education.

“We are currently in the process of establishing a partnership with the Kogi state government. This trip serves as a due diligence effort to confirm Edves’ existence as a company. It also allows us to engage with our existing customers, gaining firsthand insights into the value our platform provides to their educational institutions. We have developed an executive dashboard that will enable government officials, such as the Governor, Commissioner or Minister of Education, or even the President, to access real-time information from their desk”. 
“This includes data on student attendance in specific local governments on a particular day, as all schools will be marking attendance. It allows monitoring of students’ presence, their coursework, identifies areas where students may be struggling, tracks the number of teachers in schools, and provides a comprehensive overview of students’ academic performance on a weekly basis. We have submitted proposals to some state governments and they are beginning to get interested in the technology we have to offer”.

The meeting concluded with a commitment to collaborate on initiatives that would promote the adoption of educational technology in Kogi State and Nigeria as a whole. Both the Edves team and Hon. Abdulkareem Siyaka agreed that the future of education lies in leveraging technology to enhance the learning experience, improve educational outcomes, and make quality education accessible to all.

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