Customizing a School Management System? Why Edves

School management systems have increased productivity and efficiency, allowing schools to perform a large number of tasks with little or no effort.

Imagine a program that basically ran itself, making all the day to day decisions programmed into it and requiring minimal time and effort to monitor and sustain. Such a program would cut away stress from administrative function, increase accountability and prevent mistakes and errors common with manually handling information and data. 

A school management software is one of such programs. It allows you to digitally monitor all the activities in a school, from the monitoring of teacher activity to the tracking of individual student progress reports to the creation of virtual report cards. School management systems have increased productivity and efficiency, allowing schools to perform a large number of tasks with little or no effort. 

Furthermore, Parents can rest easy knowing that at the click of a button or two, they can monitor not just their children's progress in school but also evaluate the quality of lessons, make payments, some systems even offer child tracking and security to make sure your child is safe and sound. Parents can know who is teaching their child, the buses their children ride in and the schedule for lessons amongst other things. 

Also, because school management systems are automated and online, teachers do not have to worry about things like attendance and record-keeping but focus on delivering quality academic services to each and every student. It makes it easy for the teacher to take a more hands-on approach to teaching. Exams and assessments can now be done online, enabling not just a smooth and seamless flow from instruction to evaluation but an increased competence in ICT for the student as well as the teacher. 

Edves Suite is one of such systems. Built to upscale your school with a customizable design that can be tailored to suit each and every need. Edves Suite offers a myriad of added advantages that sets it aside from its competitors, making it not just an authority in the field but a trusted companion to parents, teachers, students and the administrative staff as well. 

Why Edves?


The Edves school management system is unique in its design, with its easy-to-use interface that is compatible across devices and takes away the tedious task of paper management. It allows schools to take administrative tasks as well as other non-administrative tasks online. 

For the administrator, Edves offers a system that allows you to keep track of students and teachers, monitoring attendance, payment details like teacher payroll, student payments, etc. and student's overall progress. Also, it can manage accommodation, office and hostel alike, allocating spaces and recording information seamlessly. In addition, school events and functions are tracked and logged for easy accountability and prompt information dissemination. 

Edves has also created a system that allows parents to check in on their wards, monitor progress reports, make school payments and receive transcripts of their ward's performance. The system design is unique in itself as parents are notified when their children clock in and out of school, the bus their children enter and even enrol new students all with easy and a convenience Edves delivers with style. 

Publishing curriculum and content, setting up assessments, grading, attendance and even Parent-Teacher Communication just got easier. The system allows the teacher to send notes, upload lesson videos even evaluate and track student progress remotely. 

Students are not left out either, as Edves' unique data plan with one of the biggest data networks in Nigeria and Africa, allows access to lessons, homework and tests, result checking and so much more for less cost. Students can now study online without worrying about burning data or getting distracted as the unique plan works only on the Edves network.

Edves offers other benefits as well, 

  • payroll management, for staff where you can easily pay teachers and keep an accurate record system.
  • Expense tracker, funds spent daily are monitored, recorded and saved, making accounting and reimbursement an automated and efficient process. 
  • Inventory management, tracking, managing and controlling the flow of all school processes and resources. 
  • Communication, parents can talk to schools on a daily/weekly basis on the conduct and progress of their wards. Also, real-time notifications via SMS and email is integrated into the system notifying parents on everything from payments to attendance and even, results.
  • Edves cuts across all academic levels from kindergarten to tertiary, with a customizable UI that allows for ease and efficiency. 
  • It also provides a network of schools and personnel that is unique, a quality that can be shared and experienced regardless of location. 

Edves is tailored to meet every need, every time and for everyone, so start your Edves journey today, you'll be glad you did. 

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