Conducting Online Or Offline Quiz/Exams With Edves

January 2, 2021

No school year is complete without assignments, quizzes and most of all examinations, online classes and education is no exception. Today more than ever, with the corona virus looming over schools making classroom education impossible, online exams provides a solution to the need to evaluate your students' performance.

Edves offers you an opportunity with a single subscription to test your students at any time online on any device with instant results as either email or text. This unique feature allows teachers and schools to monitor students' progress effectively.

Taking exams on a digital platform has a myriad of added advantages including the effectiveness in both cost and manpower, time efficiency and the lack of paper as a necessity.

Exams online also known as computer based tests (CBT) can be useful for both revision and practice for students. The database attached to the site contains pre-uploaded pictures, videos and lesson material that can be accessed on demand by parents and teachers of students.

Teachers can schedule tests based on materials previously covered and be sure that students take the tests. Edves tracks student attendance to classes, exams and quizzes using the designated login and special tracking software. Practice tests can be taken offline on the Edves app to allow students practice effectively before taking the main exams.

CBT examinations are the next step to ICT application in education as students not only learn how to turn the internet to academic use but also familiarize  themselves with ICT related devices such as laptops, tablets etc., using learning software like Edves and connecting a network of like-minded individuals such as the network of schools who use the Edves learning software system.

For generations, assignments, quizzes and examinations have always presented a hectic task. Distribution, making sure each student participates, supervision and later grading and result compilation cost both money and manpower.

Edves does all and more with the click of a few buttons, book a demo today.

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