Chronicles of a Teacher & School Owner: Dragon in my school

Becoming a teacher or school owner automatically transforms you into becoming a doctor, counselor, pastor, nanny, friend, and even the child's co-parent! Today, I was in none of these, instead, I was being jested at. 

I was standing with two teachers when our attention was drawn to a crowd formed at the extreme end of the playground. Worried that something bad had happened, we rushed toward the children who had gathered. 

We heard Timothy, a pupil in primary one, yell at his colleague to leave the dragon alone. I shouted, “Dragon keh! In my school"?  I was confused and scared but also concerned about the safety of everyone.

The teachers who were with me had run a few steps ahead and were already at the scene when I caught up with them. They mocked me while laughing and then one of them responded, "No, ma’am! It's not a dragon at all. It's a cat whose name seems to be ‘Dragon’”. 

Oh my God! I could now feel my heartbeat loudly as it slowly paced down in assurance that we were all safe and no dragon had invaded my premises. When we called the parents to question why ‘Dragon’ was in the school, they informed us that they were unaware and they had spent a large part of the day looking for it around the house.

When quizzed, Timothy revealed that he brought the cat to school because he thought the cat was lonely. Oh God! A cat, lonely?? I'm still wondering why they would even name a cat "dragon."

You see school business? It is not for the faint-hearted. Every day has its own drama. 

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