All you need to know about the Formative Assessment Feature

February 4, 2022

This Blog content will show you how to optimize effectiveness as a teacher by conducting Formative Assessments on the Edves portal.

Effective learning, which is one of the teacher’s greatest accomplishments on the job, is measured by a student's performance.

Formative Assessment therefore helps teachers identify aspects that learners are struggling with, skills they experience difficulty developing, or learning standards they are yet to achieve so that adjustments can be made to lessons, instructional techniques over even academic support. No teacher wants to feel less adequate, that’s definitely one of  the worst feelings ever.

With Formative Assessment, a teacher is able to examine the student's learning progress and achievement within a specific period. It is an integral part of the learning process which is conducted to see where students are in their learning journey, assisting both the teacher and the learner identify strengths and weaknesses, and immediately manage learning struggles to enhance performance.

The Edves learning platform is unique in assisting educators whose heartbeat is to see learners soar.

So what does it look like?

Here is how a Teacher can use the Edves portal to conduct Formative Assessment for their learners.

[Stage 1: Login to the portal and from the Dashboard locate and click on “FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT” from the list of short links.

[Stage 2: Preparing the student work report for the week.

 “Select the range of date of not more than 7 days, selecting both the starting and end date and then click on “Apply”.

Select the Subject you want to prepare the report for, select the class, term and session.

Type the topic in words of not more than 50 letters and then click on Search and Proceed.  

Now you have the entry page right before you to prepare the report for the week. Note that you can always change the mark obtainable for the week to accommodate the need for that moment, and the system is going to convert whatever score the student had to a percentage of 100.

Once students' scores are loaded for all the students in all subjects, you can now proceed to the next stage to generate the report for the week.

That’s it. Note that the exact range of date selected for the first subject is meant to be selected for every other subject and also the date meant to be selected when generating the report for the week.

[Stage 3: To Generate Report, Click on “Formative Assessment” and then click on “Related Link” and then  on “Formative Assessment Report’’. Select the exact range of date, select the class, term and session and then click on Search and Proceed.

Here we go, you have the report right before you, ready for download.

You will also be able to generate a spreadsheet per subject in a week by following the process below;

To Generate Report, Click on “Formative Assessment” and then click on “Related Link”, then on “Formative Assessment Spreadsheet”, Select the exact range of date, select the subject, select the class, term and session and then click on Search and Proceed.

And there you have it! Conducting ‘’Formative Assessment’’ on the Edves portal to make a difference has never been so easy.

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