4 Healthy Foods That Would Help You Remember Stuff While You Study

February 2, 2021

Food is essential for learning. Without it, we would not have the energy required to study or write, or even think. But there are some certain foods and beverages that help you remember stuff better than others. Many people know them by different names depending on what they use them for. But a fact remains that these foods can increase your brain power by a mile. And all you have to do is ingest them.

Whether you know them as ‘brain foods’ or ‘study meals’, their main purpose remains unchanged. And they can be very helpful with your studies, especially with exams and such coming up. These food items are not only super healthy but they make it easier for you to retain knowledge.

Here are four healthy foods that help you remember stuff quicker and in volume.

Of all legumes, the nut family is one of the most diverse. It also includes some of the best foods that help you remember stuff. Nuts contain organic fatty acids which are rich in omega-3s and antioxidants. Their functions include: improving brain cell coordination and reducing their risk of disintegration.

Some of the most important nuts in the family include peanuts, almonds and kola nuts. The latter is used by many elders and young students alike to stay focused and abreast of knowledge to this day.

We all know about the caffeinated beverage and its ability to keep us awake. But sleep suppression, though important to the study habit, is not the only superpower you can get from caffeine. Coffee is very rich in antioxidants which are ‘super hormones’ that help your brain stay active all day.

On a healthy coffee diet, you would be less likely to dose off or space out during your learning curve. But taking too much coffee over short periods of time could affect you adversely. But thankfully, there are many other coffee alternatives that produce a similar effect, so you should not be found wanting.

The oil from fishes has been a very important part of the recipe for omega-3 supplements for generations. This is to show how great fish can be in helping improve your brain function. Mackerel, tuna, sardines, and the likes are some of the best foods that help you remember stuff.

They don’t merely stop at their seamless ability to improve your memory, but they can also help in repairing it. The omega-3s found in fish fats are known to have the ability to repair damaged neurons. This is very beneficial if you have a terminal condition like ADHD or Alzheimer’s.

We are not referring to caramel chocolate or any of the other ‘sugared-down’ counterparts. Chocolate in the context refers to organic dark chocolate which contains at least 70% natural cacao. Cocoa contains flavonoids, a special type of antioxidant that stimulates the growth and activity of neurons.

Ingesting moderate amounts of chocolate, in whatever form, while studying can drastically increase your chances of remembering everything you have learnt.

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